With schools due to reopen on 1st June, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding how schools will adhere to social distancing measures, and what this will look like for children and teachers alike. We wanted to hear first hand what schools are planning to do, in order to give you a better picture of what you can expect in early June. We reached out to two Head Teachers, Kirsty Knowles (Head of St Augustine’s Priory Junior School) and Gordon Jamieson (Head of St Thomas More Primary School) to chat to them about their approach to the new Department for Education guidelines and what this will look like in their schools.

We speak about managing staff concerns about returning, the recovery curriculum for children, addressing parents’ concerns, ensuring safety for everyone in the school environment, accommodating children whose parents’ decide not to send them back to school, how social distancing looks in a school environment, and what this means for temporary (supply) staff during the phased return.

Watch the full recording below:

anzuk UK_ COVID-19 Q&A 3 from anzuk Education on Vimeo.