Two amazing ladies from our London office have teamed up to chat to you about how you can support your own wellbeing, from a body and mind perspective.  

This state of calm doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us, and it’s not something that will be achieved overnight. But it’s something that is a work in progress to try and make a regular part of your life.  


What is mindfulness and why do we need it? 

In short, the way we think can affect how we act and feel. Mindfulness is a practice that helps us to feel calmer and less stressed, be empowered in our response to our thoughts and feelings, cope with difficult thoughts, and be kinder to ourselves.  

Through mindfulness we try to focus and be present in the moment, and try to not let other things attack, judge, or alter our mind. Ultimately, we want to notice the state of our mindemotions, and thoughts rather than trying to fight them. Allow the thoughts and feelings to come and pass, by focusing on our breath and the present moment.  


How to think mindfully 

Pay attention, notice when your mind wanders, choose and come back to the breath, practice awareness and acceptance, and be kind to yourself. 

There is no end goal here – it’s just noticing!  


Feeding the mind 

Tricks to help support a healthy mind 

  • Take deep conscious breaths throughout the day  
  • Focus on a single task and be fully present  
  • Laugh and give yourself a break 
  • Try yoga 
  • Go out in nature  
  • Try art – creativity boosts focus 
  • Go for a walk and get moving 

We can help support you on this journey! We run 10 minute Instagram Live guided mindful meditation every Thursday 12pm BST. Tune in!  


Why is staying physically active is so important? 

There are both mental health and physical health benefits that coincide with being physically active. It improves your overall fitness level, benefits your mental health and overall mood, boosts self-esteem, releases endorphins, reduced risk of anxiety and depression, increases productivity, and improves your sleep cycle.  


How to stay active in isolation 

Make a plan! Schedule exercise into your daily and/or weekly routine. Decide on your activity prior to. Don’t worry about not having any equipment! You don’t need it.  

Create a bank of resources. There is so much available online for you to access. What sort of workouts do you enjoy? Search for them on YouTube. Search for workouts on Pinterest. Follow your favorite gym on Instagram – many are doing free workouts on Instagram Live. Or simply, get outside and go for a run! Nothing tops the endorphins of runners’ high.  


Nourishing your body  

Let’s talk about the habitual quarantine eating cycle! Please don’t feel like you’re alone in this. A lot of us feel like our day revolves around eating. When you have less to do, boredom eating is real! But there is a lot of science between food and mood. The key is balance. High sugar foods contribute to feeling lethargic. The occasional chocolate and crisps treat is natural, but try to remember that your body will feel happier and healthier when you feed it natural ingredients. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that come in with vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates will you will feel good as a result!  

Make time for cooking! Get creative. It can be incredibly satisfying to cook a nice meal for yourself and/or friends.  



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